microdosing iboga for personal development

This is something I wrote in a forum on microdosing iboga, and I think it connects well with the ideas on the pages here.

First, there is this mini-guide, which is thoughtful and well-written, IMO.


I posted below it with a couple of complements and links.

There is one main thing I would add.

Bear in mind that I am not an expert on addiction treatment. My comments refer only to microdosing for personal development. Working with this plant while dealing with heavy emotions, personal emergencies or immediate physiological imbalances — that’s not my department. I can learn, but I don’t have experience with it.

For me the most striking property of iboga is its ability to erase patterns — all kinds — and operate as a multidimensional reset button.

Another unusual thing about it is how it tends to linger in your system and not dissipate after three days like most teacher plants.

Considering these two properties, I think it is imperative to have a practice of introspection, of stepping back from one’s current life events and looking for a larger picture. One needs a sense of where one is at in one’s journey, a sense of which way is up, a sort of cosmic common sense. Some people call that seasoning, maturity or wisdom. Whatever you call it, it’s not to be found in a pill, even the most magical kind.

Without it, there can be a risk of getting disoriented and confused.

You can make things disappear with it. That is truly an awesome power. When a pattern disappears — mental, emotional, physiological, karmic, whatever — you need to know what to fill the empty space with. You need to have a sense of direction to be able to integrate the change in a broader process of evolution. I don’t mean a sense of direction as in a career or life plan in the outer world. I mean a sense of direction about this work. The direction, of course, is deeper in.

I would say that the most important thing about microdosing for personal evolution is the other things that you are doing beside the microdosing — psychotherapy, meditation, writing, art, energy work, any kind of healing practice that will help you develop that kind of savvy, that sense of which way is up and which way you are headed. You can look at it as getting the technical skills needed to operate this incredibly powerful tool. Your spaceship driver’s license.

4 thoughts on “microdosing iboga for personal development

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on micro dosing.

    Could you expand further on specific actions and initial/ initiation practices to move gently into this healing space?

    I’m loving your site by the way.
    So much inspirational writing that confirms and expands on my current development and personal work.


    • Thanks, Natalia, for the encouraging words. They mean a lot to me.

      About how to get started in practical terms, I just have one more tip. The first and extremely important skill to start building in that work is establishing a line of communication with the plant spirit.

      Trying to break it down:

      — get the sense that there is an intelligence there
      — get the sense that help is available from it if we learn the proper pathways
      — formulate question(s) and/or request(s). ***
      — ASK! You need to ask. The most effective wavelength to send a communication to the plant is the wavelength of love.
      — listen
      — Do what is needed to act on the information you received.

      When I started with the iboga, I already knew this, more or less, from a few years of practice with ayahuasca. I found it very easy to ask and receive specific help from the iboga. I don’t know if it would be as simple for a newcomer to this work, but my sense is that the vast intelligence of iboga is very accessible to anyone with the right attitude.

      Please let me know if this helps.

      ***This is the part where you do a life inventory or use any of a number of techniques to sense where you are at in your journey and what’s up next — what you are faced with. If you are not clear on any questions you need some light on, here is a process you can use. Write a list of every pattern, habit, illness, limitation, recurring relationship, addiction, mental or emotional routine that persists or repeats itself even though you would prefer if it didn’t. Anything that continues or keeps on happening in your life that you wish didn’t.

      The spiritual principle here is that underneath each one of these there is a resisted experience, some kind of charge or traumatic recording that you are not willing to feel fully. Your resistance is what holds it in place and causes the pattern to persist. You can then pick one and ‘present’ it to the plant, asking for the truth of the situation to be shown to you.

      The ‘answer’ may involve feeling things that are hard to feel. To develop that skill, I recommend the page on feeling exercises in this site.


  2. What a wonderful resource you’ve created. Thank you.

    About 8 months ago I think I saw a climpse of my shadow while on a pharmahuasca session. It felt like a little boy was hiding underneath a dark front porch of a house in the evening time. I wasn’t able to see him,or go to him, but somehow I have a feeling there is a hurt part of my self somewhere deep within.

    After a few months from that I experimented with lsd microdosing and got a climpse of the mental clarity and feeling of calm and piece of meditating. 3 months ago I quit smoking cannabis (i was a weekend user for 10+ years) and have been meditating almost daily. Have used alcohol only once since then.

    For a while I did some shadow work exercises but quite quickly I somehow got stuck.

    For a month now I’ve been feeling more and more irritated and not really at all a nice person.

    I think some things within me need healing.

    I’m going to start doing the exercises you recommend and then start a 30 day iboga microdosing. This is my first touch with iboga. I know dosages are personal, but revommendations vary and theres not ao much info about it.

    Should one dose daily? Any other tips? I’ll continue to read all your texts and resources for a couple of times. Thank you.



    • Thank you, Tiny. About iboga microdosing, I do not have any fixed ideas about the right regimen. I think other things, like for instance the rest of your life besides the microdosing :), have more importance. You should know that iboga 1. lingers in your system, even in small amounts, and 2. dissolves patterns, so that there may not be much of a difference between taking a small amount every day or every two days or every three days.

      I think the reason there isn’t much info around is that this practice has incredible potential for transformation and even experienced people are just getting their feet wet in that dimension.

      “For a month now I’ve been feeling more and more irritated and not really at all a nice person.”

      I can really relate to that 🙂

      Please let me know how it goes and stay in touch.


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