What is proposed here could be called Psychotherapy 2.0 as well as Psychedelics 2.0.

Looking at it as psychotherapy, we could eliminate guesswork, stagnation, conceptual wandering (“it’s this, it’s that…”) and the complications of a relationship with a human therapist. With a vegetal therapist, all that is needed to streamline and accelerate personal evolution is an understanding of a few principles and their translation into skills and qualities. These principles are:
— inquiry — the skill of the detective and the qualities of curiosity and honesty
— prayer — the skill of incubation and the quality of expectant love
— listening — the skill of communicating with the plant teacher and the quality of humble attention
— completion — the skill of implementing and the quality of courage
A non-negligible benefit is that, very early in the process, evolution can be self-managed independently. The soon-to-be out-of-work psychotherapists could be retrained as coaches and tutors of this superior approach.

Looking at it as psychedelic exploration, the apprentice graduates from having “experiences” to having a healing practice. The value of “mind-blowing” experiences is acknowledged and we assume they have already taken place. The usual scattershot or “whatever” attitude is replaced by specific, informed requests for help and insight, more in alignment with the use of entheogens for healing in traditional cultures. Small amounts, ritual, one-on-one tutoring and incremental learning are typical of this approach.

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