The word surrender: a misunderstanding

When the war is lost, when you cannot continue to fight, you admit defeat.  You surrender.  You give up, abandon, forfeit, submit, throw yourself to the mercy of the winner. From this comes the derived meaning of the word surrender in the language of spirituality.  In this framework, the winner is divine grace, God, love, universal […]

The willingness to experience anything, anything, is both the key to total healing and to liberation in a reincarnation paradigm like Hinduism. Resisted experiences create permanent solidities made of two opposite forces in standoff: the energy trapped in the experience and the energy of pushing away or running away. These static energy patterns eventually evolve […]


What is proposed here could be called Psychotherapy 2.0 as well as Psychedelics 2.0. Looking at it as psychotherapy, we could eliminate guesswork, stagnation, conceptual wandering (“it’s this, it’s that…”) and the complications of a relationship with a human therapist. With a vegetal therapist, all that is needed to streamline and accelerate personal evolution is […]