Conscious Sexuality

There is not much to say here, but a lot to do.  The message, ultimately, is: just do it.

The frequency of sexual energy is very close to the core vibration of survival.  It is host to much of the heaviest, most crazymaking material we have picked up along our history as a species.  Survival as an individual organism and survival through reproduction are closely intertwined.  L. Ron Hubbard postulated the existence of a procreate before death urge.  It has been observed that men continue manufacturing sperm cells after death has occurred according to standard definitions like the end of electrical activity in the brain.  Perhaps a corresponding impulse exists in women.

What we will find, therefore, on that frequency is not only specifically sexual trauma, but many violent incidents and incidents containing the perception of imminent death, with sexual energy as part of the content.

Some familiar religious systems perceive themselves as operating ‘above’ the dimension of sex.  From the point of view of serious healing, this is problematic.   It is not possible to suppress sexual energy.  Sex goes on all the time, as women know and men learn.  Postulating that our true identity is ‘pure’ spirit beyond gender and bodily incarnation imposes a singular conceptual system on a much richer, multidimensional reality — us.

Powerful medicines like ayahuasca facilitate experiences of psychic journeying and telepathy.  Worldviews that see bodily existence as somehow inferior are sometimes adopted by their practitioners, like some members of the Santo Daime religion of Brazil.  Such beliefs can interfere with the healing work of the medicine, since much of our heavy wounding is related to attempts by various cultures to control or suppress sexual energy.  In extreme healing, it is important to be willing to go everywhere.

Since religion is about solving problems and generally improving things, those systems deprive themselves of the most powerful energy source available to us, or at least limit it and distort it.  Conscious sexuality, when harnessed to the intention to heal, can blow stuff away like no other practice.  This kind of work has enormous potential and most of it remains untapped.  It is by no means limited to resolving sexual trauma.

Solo work without a partner is possible, although not as interesting.

There are plenty of good resources, books, classes and DVDs on tantric, sacred or conscious sexuality.

Plant medicines like ayahuasca, peyote, iboga and others all have unique personalities and agendas.  When they come into our bodies, they engage us in extraordinarily intense relationship.  They communicate with us, we ask, they answer, they prod and provoke us, we open or close ourselves to them and so on.  This seems to preclude sexual interactions in combination with them, not that sex is in any way ‘wrong,’ but simply because we are not wired to engage in two deeply intimate relationships simultaneously.  Ayahuasca is notorious for this exclusive quality.  It is known in Amazonian folklore as a jealous and demanding lover and there is a universal taboo against sex with it throughout its territorial range.

The case of LSD is different.  Although derived from a fungus, it is essentially a stand-alone molecule, not a plant spirit.  This neutrality and transparency make it feasible to engage in conscious healing work with sexual energy while under its influence.  Many people have reported hugely liberating experiences through this practice.

Note: LSD is illegal everywhere.  I do not in any way endorse illegal activity.  This is a very unfortunate situation.  For about twenty years, from its discovery in the 1940s to its prohibition in the 1960s, psychologists and other researchers were universally enthusiastic about its potential for understanding and healing human suffering.  I wish and pray for a positive end to the absurd suppression of this wonder drug.

Finally, I recognize that 90% of the work here is finding and keeping a compatible partner to explore this domain together.  Regretfully, I do not have any new information on that.  You are referred to the trillions of words that have been written on this topic.

Have a good time.

© contrast10 2014.  All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Conscious Sexuality

  1. Well-written. I would like to add that, in addition to Ayahuasca, Iboga demands exclusivity perhaps even more. With Ayahuasca, sometimes you get insight into what other plants or foods would be good for you. Iboga just tells you to stop stimulating your body so much with input and just let it do its thing (with the iboga in it). Iboga clearly states that he works alone.

    Entheogens, especially mushrooms, have a way of transmuting sexual energy. Any amount of sexual energy I have stored (high if I have been abstaining) gets stransformed into spiritual, “higher” vibrations of energy in my being when I take the medicine. This can be extra powerful, but it can also introduce a level of power and clarity that is not sustainable due to one’s constant need for sexual release, which you aptly put, simply cannot be suppressed.


    • You wrote the first ever real comment to this little collection. So first things first, I welcome you with pomp and honor!

      I appreciate the very good insight about the contrast between ayahuasca and iboga. Ayahuasca rides you hard, but it does so as a kind of ambassador from the plant world. Iboga… well, I tend to see it as a five-billion-year old tree that lets me sit in its shade, but I have to be very, very polite.


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