Working with Nature

Everybody loves nature, and everybody knows that contact with it is beneficial.  Here I just want to briefly talk about taking this connection one step further and working with nature the way a craftsman works with his tools and materials.  This is a more structured kind of relationship in which those powers that we usually only perceive in a diffuse way are enrolled and channeled towards specific goals.

As healers, we could say that disease, disconnection from nature and disconnection from our nature are one and the same thing.  In such a perspective, the trees, the rivers, the birds, mushrooms, clouds and stars are reference points, guides, sources of faith and courage, medicines and counselors.  We talk, pray, even cry to them and we listen to them.  We trust them as professional resources.

The word professional may surprise some in this context.  Yet when the scales have fallen from our eyes and we have joined the ranks of those who consciously move towards sanity, it is only common sense to regard those forces as mentors on our path.  We need help, and if we are committed to transforming our deepest wounds, we need help of an order which is clearly beyond human.  Without a humble recognition of this truth, our inability to rise beyond the reenactment of our collective dramas and traumas has been abundantly proven.

Working with nature means learning humility, learning to acknowledge and distrust our own arrogance.  We will not be able to drop it just because we know in our heads that we should.  But walking into a forest, sitting, listening, sleeping there and perhaps fasting there or holding a prayer ceremony, we might receive something unearned, a small miracle or grace.  We might walk out a little lighter and more trusting.

There is a lot of weight to drop and a lot of trust to learn.  Coming from a culture that has taken control to the level of total madness, our most enlightened insight might be to sense, however vaguely, who our helpers are and where we can encounter them.

What I am trying to say is that nature, including real air, real water and real food, may be our only point of access to a full experience of our own wretchedness.  And that would be step one of extreme healing.

© contrast10 2014.  All rights reserved.

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